Japan Internship Program by PASONA

Pasona Group is looking for candidates who are interested to join internship program in Japan. The requirements are:

  • Holding citizenship of an eligible country or region.
  • Able to undertake both the internship and preliminary training full-time at the host company. (International students must also able to balance these against their studies)
  • Agreeing with the spirit of this program, and through the internship promoting internationalization of Japanese companies, developing the overseas business of Japanese companies, and working together to construct networks with overseas universities etc.
  • Proficiency in Japanese language (JLPT level N3 or higher) or proficiency in English.
  • As a rule, applicants should be at least 20 years of age and no older than 40.
  • Applicants must able to submit a school or university enrolment or graduation certificate as well as a letter of recommendation from an affiliated university or institution etc.
  • Other requirements meeting any individual conditions stipulated by the host company

More info as per the poster below.

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