The Alumni Look East Policy Society or ALEPS is very proud to play a significant role towards achieving these successes. In 1988, after the return of the first batch of graduates from Japan , ALEPS was established under the initiative of the Public Service Department of Malaysia. The society comprises of former graduates of Japanese universities and technical colleges and is under the patron of YABhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz.

ALEPS assists newly selected Malaysian students by organizing orientation programmes and forums. Every year, ALEPS will organize motivational forums to help students prepare for the MONBUKAGAKUSHO examinations. ALEPS also help the students to adapt to the Japanese culture by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

ALEPS would like to ensure that all Malaysian students in Japan not only excel academically, but also able to learn the various aspects of the Japanese way of life. The students will have to be open minded and built their networking with the Japanese as they are the bridge that connects the two countries. ALEPS is aware of the fact that students in Japan are not just students but young ambassadors who have to uphold the national’s pride.

The aspiration of ALEPS is to produce more highly skill engineers, corporate leaders and successful entrepreneurs. ALEPS faces a bigger challenge today in the face of changes of time, technologies, environment and the country’s need. ALEPS is also ready to meet the challenges of the new millennium and promises success and excellence for our beloved country in our effort to achieve the VISION 2020.