Book your schedule for our Mini Japan Festival this coming sunday @ AEON Shah Alam !!!

Main Event
6:00pm Event start
6:05pm Speech by ALEPS representative
6:10pm Speech by Embassy of Japan’s representative
6:15pm Japanese traditional dance performance
6:30pm Japanese traditional musical instrument
6:40pm Aikido Performance
7:15pm Silat gayung performance
7:30pm Karate performance
7:45pm Silambam performance
8:00pm Kendo Performance
8:15pm Ninjyutsu Performance
8:30pm Standup Japanese Comedy
8:45 End of Event

Concurrent Event
Time 6:00pm-9:00pm
Free experience corner for Japanese traditional games
-daruma otoshi
-Yukata experience (man/ ladies)
-Photo session with samurai

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